Innovation & Technology

The WTC Dresden is a location with vision.

With the help of a long-term and sustainable strategic orientation, the World Trade Center Dresden is positioned for the future. Flexible room structures mean that a wide variety of structures can be offered, from open space to lecture halls to individual offices.

Innovative technologies that shape the future.

The WiredScore certification of the WTC Dresden speaks for the building's excellent connectivity and paves the way for a cooperative and groundbreaking future. Whether innovative materials or cutting-edge research that is transformed into functioning business models: the World Trade Center Dresden is home to outstanding companies that are thinking in completely new ways!

For example, the innovative building material carbon concrete from CarboCon GmbH or R&D projects in the field of rail and traffic technology from CG RAIL GmbH, management strategies for the sustainable use of resources from the United Nations University, spin-offs from TU Dresden AG or an interface for knowledge and technology transfer by GWT-TUD GmbH - a wide variety of ideas are being developed under the roof of the World Trade Center Dresden. Service providers such as RKW Sachsen GmbH support this with consulting services and accompanying funding management.