Germany is aiming for a nearly CO₂-neutral building stock by 2050. The focus of the German climate plan, in addition to the areas of energy and transport, is primarily the building sector, which is responsible for around 30 percent of the country's total CO₂ emissions. Innovative and sustainable solutions should help to identify and actively manage the climate risks of buildings.

The World Trade Center Dresden is aware of its responsibility and has developed a sustainability code for the tenants and users of the buildings in order to achieve the specified climate protection goals. A long-term vision has been developed for the World Trade Center Dresden - "WTC 2033". Sustainability plays a central role here.

What can the WTC Dresden contribute to climate neutrality?

Sustainability Code - Mission Statement

The World Trade Center Dresden is aware of its responsibility to protect the natural resources and the climate in the interests of future generations. The World Trade Center Dresden therefore strives to align its tenancies and building operations with the most sustainable criteria and guidelines possible.

You can find more information about our sustainability code here.

The WTC Dresden is certified platinum by the DGNB

The WTC Dresden was awarded platinum certification by the DGNB. This is the best certification level awarded by the German Sustainable Building Council. This top award is closely linked to our long-term and sustainable vision "WTC 2033+".

We will continue to ensure that the WTC Dresden remains the leading business, science and administration location in Dresden in the long term - in a sustainable way.

The DGNB certificate of the World Trade Center Dresden for download